Hey there! I’m Niwal – a product designer and researcher based out of the East Coast! I like to center my work around my passions: effective altruism, sustainable design, and telling impactful stories through the use of multimedia.

Current project: designing and developing an open source database to build community bridges. It showcases what individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations have to offer in the Raleigh-Durham area.

Current stage: Expansive data collection. If you’d like to help take part in this, whether as an individual or as an organization, please contact me!

Interested? Ask me more!


Picoz - dedicated to preventing event organizers from ripping their hair out. End-to-end product development | UX | Research
USGS - because everyone, even climate change deniers, deserves to live on land. User Research and Experimentation | GIS
SmartRecruiters - helping people find jobs: the smart way. User Interaction | Flow optimization